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EM01 Emerlla Sanitary Gel 100ml EM01 Emerlla Sanitary Gel 100ml
-24 %
Brand: EM Emerlla Model: EM01
EM01 Emerlla Sanitary Gel 100ml Prevents or stops the growth of germs. Its formula, reinforced with benzalkonium chloride at a concentration of 1000 ppm, largely covers the survival of bacteria, most viruses and other pathogenic organisms. It is accompanied by moisturizing ingredients to avoid ..
4.50€ 5.90€
Ex Tax:3.72€
EZ04 Steamed sauce 60g (Expired) EZ04 Steamed sauce 60g (Expired)
-79 %
Brand: EZ 憶霖 快易廚 Model: EZ04
EZ04 Steamed sauce 60g EZ04 快易廚 清蒸淋汁 60g ☆本批產品最佳賞味期至:2020-01-14 請注意已過期 ⭐醬油為基底,薑、蒜等料佐味 ⭐去腥解膩好淋汁,魚蝦蟹貝都合適 ⭐省去調醬時間,提升海鮮味道 ⭐「在家就能吃到館子菜!」 ⭐十分鐘輕鬆上菜 ⭐不添加防腐劑 ⭐植物五辛素 ●原產地:台灣  Product of Taiwan  ..
0.27€ 1.29€
Ex Tax:0.25€
Brand: BR BRISE Model: BR01
BR01 Brise Air Purifier C200 ➡️好消息!即日起買BR01 送價值45歐元的 BR09 強效抗菌濾網 Article Number: BRISE C200-EU Model: BRISE C200 Description: Brise C200 Air Purifier (EU)   EAN: 8719326239729 Piece per carton: 1 ★Factory Original web site:
389.00€ 425.00€
Ex Tax:321.49€
EL01 ELECLEAN disinfectant spray EL01 ELECLEAN disinfectant spray
-31 %
Brand: EL ELECLEAN 創淨 Model: EL01
EL01 ELECLEAN disinfectant spray EL01 創淨 隨身型 e立淨消毒噴霧製造機 ◆ 工研院專利技術 ◆ 全球首創高效消毒水即時製造裝置 ◆ 世界衛生組織 WHO 將 ELECLEAN 水消毒技術列為對抗新型冠病毒之創新科技之一 ◆ 高效殺菌抗病毒 ◆ 用水做的消毒水,無防腐劑等化學添加物 ◆ 15分鐘把水轉變成高活性氧消毒水 ◆ 強效對抗➤H1N1病毒、大腸桿菌、黃金葡萄球菌、沙門氏菌、綠膿桿菌、黑黴菌、白色念珠菌、肺炎桿菌 ◆ 環保無毒對人體及環境無害,使用後不須再以清水擦拭 ◆ 通過肌膚敏感性測試、口毒測試 ◆ 適用嬰幼兒、寵物易接觸環..
109.50€ 159.00€
Ex Tax:90.50€
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