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Brand: BN Botanicus 菠丹妮 Model: BN45030
BN45030 Botanicus Regener. oil facial 50ml A careful blend of several pure plant oils renowned for their ability to assist with the natural process of cellular regeneration and facial tissue protection. Designed to promote a fresh, healthy complexion by reducing moisture loss and signs of ageing..
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Brand: BN Botanicus 菠丹妮 Model: BN45031
Massage Rose Facial Oil An exceptionally beneficial treatment for dry, tired or mature skin types,  being rich in gamma linoleic acid and anti-oxidative vitamin E.  Jojoba and Peach oils assist in the rapid absorption of the anti-wrinkle components of legendary Frankincense, and the soo..
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Brand: BN Botanicus 菠丹妮 Model: BN45034
BN45034 Exclusive eye line with Rose essential oil 15g BN45034 玫瑰極致眼膠 15g 玻璃瓶 ☆ 極致保濕抗皺舒緩眼霜 ☆ ★產品說明:含珍貴的巴巴蘇及沙棘,能滋養脆弱乾燥的眼部肌膚,玫瑰能滋潤/淨白肌膚淡化皺紋,迷迭香精油可緊實肌膚。 ★熟齡、乾燥及鬆弛的眼部肌膚 主要成分:大馬士革玫瑰、沙棘、金盞花、迷迭香、巴巴蘇、蘆薈、乳油木果 注意事項  使用後若有過敏請即刻停止使用,並請教醫生 保存期限:如產品外包裝所示 此為私人消耗性產品,一經拆封使用,恕無法退貨 天然精油洗髮精不含化學..
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Brand: BN Botanicus 菠丹妮 Model: BN56091
BN56091 Botanicus Body balsam Rose 500ml BN56091 菠丹妮 玫瑰香體凝脂 PE瓶 500ml ☆ 全身按摩油/奧圖玫瑰精油調製增進荷爾蒙分泌 ☆ 【Botanicus 菠丹妮】BN56091 菠丹妮 玫瑰香體凝脂  菠丹妮玫瑰香體凝脂是有菠丹妮創始人之一的英國芳療協會史都華博士親自調配的芳療按摩油。玫瑰香體凝脂含有4種緊致的保養基礎油,加上保加利亞大馬士奧圖玫瑰精油(食用級)以及其他8種純植物精油調製而成的天然芳香療法肌膚按摩用油。 ★適合膚質:適用於所有膚質,對於身體皮膚較j乾,暗沉的肌膚特別適合 ★..
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Brand: DEBD Bio Diaet GmbH Model: DEBD02
DEBD02 Bio Diaet China Oil 25ml China-Oel® Active substance: Peppermint oil Ingestion for convulsive disorders of the biliary tract and gastrointestinal region ingestion or inhalation for colds of the upper respiratory tract, use externally for muscle pain (myalgia) and nerve pain disor..
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