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YM44 PC Shaker 530cc

YM44 PC Shaker 530cc
YM44 PC Shaker 530cc
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YM44 PC Shaker 530cc
★ Product Description: ★ 
★ clear translucent mug, tea modulation process easier respectively. 
★ The PC resin (POLYCARBONATE Polycarbonate / resin bottle raw) material. 
★ heat, cold, and maintain a variety of tea flavor. 
★ prolonged use will not cause frostbite hand or hand broken. 
★ cup lid with a special design, does not produce the case open when using. 
★ sets of specially designed cup, set into the tasting removed easily. 
★ easy to use impact-resistant, will not deform easily damaged. 
★ Specifications: ★ 
★ Size: 9cm (D) x19cm (H) 
★ Capacity: 530cc 
★ Material: PC RESIN; Polycarbonate (polycarbonate resin) 
★ Heat temperature: 130 degrees 
★ Cold Temperature: -40 degrees
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