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KP03 Sour Spicy Soup-C 57g

KP03 Sour Spicy Soup-C 57g
KP03 Sour Spicy Soup-C 57g


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Best Before Date: 2021-04-27
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KP03 Sour Spicy Soup Powder-C 57g

(EN) 3K KP Sour Spicy Cooking Powder-C
Ingredients: Potato starch, maltodextrin, sugar, salt, starch phosphate, cabbage, palm oil, carrots, black fungus, white pepper, paprika, flavorings (malic acid, 5 'Gan disodium inosine, 5 'Ci Ma purine nucleoside disodium phosphate, disodium succinate), yeast powder, soy sauce powder, vinegar powder, bamboo shoots, coriander, red pepper coloring, vegetable powder (mushrooms, tomatoes), calcium lactate, vitamin E, vitamin A citrate, iron, vitamin B2
(NL) 3K KP zure pittige koken poeder-C
Ingredienten: Aardappelzetmeel, maltodextrine, suiker, zout, zetmeel fosfaat, kool, palmolie, wortelen, zwarte schimmel, witte peper, paprikapoeder, aroma's (appelzuur, 5 'Gan dinatrium inosine, 5 'Ci Ma purine nucleoside dinatriumfosfaat, dinatriumsuccinaat), gist poeder, sojasaus poeder, azijn poeder, bamboescheuten, koriander, rode peper kleurstoffen, plantaardig poeder (champignons, tomaten), calcium lactaat, vitamine E, vitamine A citraat, ijzer, vitamine B2 
(TW) 康寶 新川式酸辣濃湯
成份: 馬鈴薯澱粉,麥芽糊精,糖,鹽,磷酸二澱粉,高麗菜,棕櫚油,紅蘿蔔,黑木耳,白胡椒,辣椒 ,調味劑(蘋果酸,5’次黃嘌呤甘磷酸二鈉, 5’次馬嘌呤核甘磷酸二鈉,琥珀酸二鈉),酵母精粉,醬油粉,醋粉,竹筍,香菜, 紅椒色素,蔬菜粉(香菇,蕃茄) ,乳酸鈣,維生素E,維生素A,檸檬酸鐵,維生素 B2
保存期限 : 標示於包裝
Best before date : see date on package
Tenminste houdbaar tot: zie datum op de verpakking
淨重 / Net weight / Netto gewicht : 57 g
台灣產品 / Product of Taiwan / Product uit Taiwan
進口商 / Importor / Importeur 
Marconibaan 42-O, 3439 MS, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands


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