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DS02 Horizontal Tea Shaker SK300

DS02 Horizontal Tea Shaker SK300
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DS02 Horizontal Tea Shaker SK300
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  • Model: DS02
  • Weight: 23.00kg
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DS02 Horizontal Tea Shaker SK300 
☆ fast, durable, beautiful 
☆ Simple process to set cups 
☆ five individual mode for speed and time 
Model Features
☆ fast, durable, health, quiet, plug and play, do not use screws to install the machine 
☆ patented, longer life, lower sound level 
☆ professional appearance design, beautiful, classic and elegant 
☆ emergency stop button, 360 seconds timer stops automatically, 10-speed adjustment,  
Model Specifications
☆ Power supply     : 110V/220V 
☆ drive horsepower:  75w 
☆ Machine weight:   19.8KG 
☆ Timer:                  360S (sec) 
☆ adjust speed:       10 segment 
☆ Size:                   33/25/33cm 
☆ Cup size:             350cc ~ 700cc 
★ Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan