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CA01 Black Tea 60g X 10 bags

CA01 Black Tea 60g X 10 bags
CA01 Black Tea 60g X 10 bags


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Best Before Date: 2022-09-04
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CA01 Black Tea 60g X 10 bags
(EN) Black Tea
Ingredients: Black tea, Earl spices 
Item Code:   CA01
(TW) 卡薩 紅茶
成份: 紅茶, 伯爵香料
(NL) Zwarte Thee
Ingrediënten: Zwarte thee, Earl kruiden 
保存期限 : 標示於包裝
Best before date : see date on package
Tenminste houdbaar tot: zie datum op de verpakking
淨重 / Net weight / Netto gewicht : 600 g
台灣產品 / Product of Taiwan / Product uit Taiwan
進口商 / Importor / Importeur 
Marconibaan 42-O, 3439 MS, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands


Tags: 60g , black tea , ca01 , x 10 bags
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