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Tobacco and Alcohol Exemption Agreement

Tobacco and Alcohol Products Exemption Agreement

TWEU strictly abides by the relevant laws and regulations of the Dutch Tobacco and Alcohol Law. According to the relevant regulations of the Dutch Tobacco and Alcohol Law, TWEU does not allow the sale of tobacco and alcohol products to consumers under the age of 18. Therefore, TWEU has the right to review the age of all consumers who purchase such goods.

Therefore, we also require that the person placing the order must be at least 18 years old at the time of checkout and agree to our membership service terms of use.

If your order covers tobacco, alcohol and other commodities, when you receive the goods, the staff of our delivery company has the right to ask you to show relevant documents (for example: ID card/passport/driver's license) to confirm whether your age meets the purchase conditions .

TWEU assumes that the certificate you provide is true and valid. We are not responsible for any consequences caused by you providing false information. If you are unable to provide the relevant documents in time or refuse to provide the relevant documents, the transportation personnel have the right not to deliver to you and return it directly to our company without shipping or refund.

TWEU has the right to interpret this exemption agreement, and TWEU has the right to change this exemption agreement at any time.

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